Cotswold Steam Preservation
Owners of GWR 28XX Class No. 2807

Cotswold Steam Preservation Ltd.
is a 'not for profit' organisation dedicated to the restoration
of Great Western Railway 28XX class 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive No. 2807.

The 28XX class were powerful freight locomotives designed for long distance coal traffic,
primarily from South Wales to London, but were also involved in
transporting coal for the British naval fleet.

No. 2807 is 100 years old, and is the oldest survivor of the standard classes of G.W.R.
steam locomotives introduced by engineer George Jackson Churchward.
Only two older Swindon built locomotives survive.

Find out about the restoration of No. 2807 and news about Cotswold Steam Preservation,
read about the history of the 28XX class and about No. 2807 in particular,
there's a gallery of photos of No. 2807 in service and during restoration,
find data about the 28XX class, find out why No. 2807 is special,
and read articles which are related to No. 2807.

You can visit our shop, see how to become a shareholder or a friend,
sponsor a firebar or join our 100 club.

We're all volunteers and you can find out how to join us,
maybe by joining the restoration team or helping on the sales stand.

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Or visit the web site of our sister organisation, registered charity
the 2807 Freight Locomotive Association.